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succinct help for online microbusiness entrepreneurs and solopreneurs


These worksheets can help you plan and develop various aspects of your business. Feel free to share them, but please link back to this page.

Website Planning Worksheet
Hiring a web designer? This worksheet asks all the major questions you need to be organized and prepared for your website design or redesign.

Create A Marketing Plan
Takes you step by step through the major elements of a marketing plan: what you sell, how it benefits your customer, who you are trying to sell to, and how you will reach them.

Brand Development Worksheet
Questions to help you identify your key strengths and motivations.

Self-Care Plan for Business Owners
Business can be tough! Long hours, upset customers…it can take a toll on our
health and wellbeing. This worksheet helps identify what you need to thrive.

Big List of Marketing Methods
Not sure where to start with marketing? This document contains a checklist of 50 marketing strategies that you can use to start promoting your business. Use it to figure out which styles of marketing appeal to you and work the best for your product.

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