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succinct help for online microbusiness entrepreneurs and solopreneurs


My background is in web design and web hosting. I built custom e-commerce sites for small businesses for about 10 years. My focus was on the companies that were too small to interest major firms, but who still needed a high quality, professional site that they could manage themselves. My heart is with this crowd: independent, intelligent microbusiness owners, who are often trying to create not just a successful business but a good life.

This site is for these folks – generally solo operations or two person teams. Much of the information would apply to larger ventures, but small, independent business folk are who I love to work with. My goal is to provide whatever practical knowledge and culled wisdom will be helpful in making the journey easier and more fulfilling.


Lau Tsu quoteMy perspective is rooted in the needs of real businesses, rather than design school philosophy or business school exercises. I am practical and prefer what is dependable and well-implemented to what is flashy and cool. I advocate utility and simplicity, however, I believe that every useful thing can also be beautiful. In fact, the most beautiful things to me are those that combine form and function elegantly and effortlessly and are truly useful.


For small businesses and those just starting, knowing the scale you are operating at and choosing the best solution to that is important. There are many, many options and solutions to choose from, with dozens of features, and yet some of the simplest and least expensive are often the best bet. I advocate growing slowly and sustainably, while thinking through the long term roadmap of where you want to be with your business.

Big picture

On a broader level, I believe there is a spiritual ecology to business: if you are doing good work that engages you and that is needed in the world, with a few skills your ideal customers will naturally be attracted to you and your business will prosper. Operating from that faith gives us the freedom to truly serve our customers, knowing that we are part of the larger wheel of life.

I’ve also found that business can be a mirror that shows us our deepest “issues” and catalyzes our growth (if we are willing to do the work). Running a business uses all aspects of ourselves, and whatever we need to develop will show up in short order, asking for attention. If we can face our deficits and be courageously willing to learn and increase our self-awareness, owning a business can be a path to maturity and liberation.

If you are interested in this bigger picture stuff, you may like my other blog, Tao of Prosperity.

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EmmaWelcome, I'm Emma. I've been helping small biz owners get online for over 10 years. Here I present practical tips and perspective on the e-commerce adventure. more about me & the site »